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Registration / Registrasie

R5 643.00
R4 950.00 + R693.00 (VAT / BTW)

Full Registration
Volle registrasie


All course material included, three meals daily and accommodation per person sharing for Tuesday & Wednesdays nights.
Sluit alle kursusmateriaal, drie etes daagliks en huisvesting per persoon wat deel vir Dinsdag- en Woensdagaand in.



R2 821.50
R2 475.00 + R346.50 (VAT / BTW)

One day registration (with 3 meals & accommodation)
(met 3 etes & verblyf)


Include course material, three meals and one night accommodation per person sharing for the specific day.
Sluit kursusmateriaal, drie etes en huisvesting vir een aand per persoon wat deel vir die spesifieke dag in.



R1 824.00
R1 600.00 + R224.00 (VAT / BTW)

One day registration (no accommodation)
(geen akkommodasie)


Includes course material for one day and lunch.
Sluit kursusmateriaal in vir een dag en middagete.



R 712.50
R625.00 + R87.50 (VAT / BTW)

Extra:  Single accommodation (per night)
Ekstra:  Enkel verbly (per nag)


Single accommodation per night.
Enkel verblyf per nag.



R3 420.00
R3 000.00 + R420.00 (VAT / BTW)

Campsite, with meals (own tent or caravan)
Kampeerplek, met etes (eie tent of woonwa)


All course materials included, three meals daily and camping fees for Tuesday & Wednesdays evenings.
Sluit alle kursusmateriaal, drie etes daagliks en kampeerfooie vir Dinsdag-en Woensdagaand in.)



R2 500.00
R2 192.98 + R307.02 (VAT / BTW)

Campsite without meals (own tent or caravan)
Kampeerplek, sonder etes (eie tent of woonwa)


Includes all course material and camping fees for Tuesday & Wednesday nights.
Sluit alle kursusmateriaal en kampeerfooie vir Dinsdag-en Woensdagaand in

Practical Sessions / Praktiese Sessies:

Sessions 2 & 4 (Wednesday & Thursday) / Sessies 2 & 4 (Woensdag & Donderdag)

Please choose SIX of the following 10 options / Kies asb. SES van die volgende 10 opsies (3 )
(Refer to the programme for more information on the different options / Verwys na die program vir meer inligting oor die verskillende opsies)

Option 1 / Opsie 1:

Capture Equipment, Boma facilities and Monitoring & tracking technology for free-ranging animals - Mr. JJ van Altena: Director at Global Supplies

Option 2 / Opsie 2:

The basics of veld management for game - Mr. Deon Furstenberg: Director at Wildlife Production and Ecologist at GEO WILD Consult

Option 3 / Opsie 3:

Practical feeding and how it affects your production - Mr. Craig Shepstone: Wildlife Nutrition, Owner/Manager at Wildlife Nutrition Services

Option 4 / Opsie 4:

Carnivores: aspects of natural and captive management - Dr. Nico Avenant: Department of Mammalogy National Museum and Daryl Barns: Head of Bloemfontein Zoo

Option 5 / Opsie 5:

Marketing and Sensory aspects of game meat - Dr. Marita van der Merwe: Deputy Director, Environmental Health Region at City of Tshwane

Option 6 / Opsie 6:

Run a financially sound game farm - Mr. Henry-Ben Rheeder: Agricultural Adviser at Standard Bank

Option 7 / Opsie 7:

Genetics and the game farmer - Dr. Ben Greyling: Programme manager at Agricultural Research Council

Option 8 / Opsie 8:

Game capture: darting and net gunning - Mr. Mike Ross: Owner and founder at Dan-Inject Dart Guns
Option 9 / Opsie 9: FAQ on the legal aspects of trophy hunting - Mr. Michael Bodenchuk: Hunting guide and Editor-at-Large of The Hunting Report, USA
Option 10 / Opsie 10: Practical implementation of WPA into the game industry - Mr. Peter Knipe: Wildlife Rancher at Kgalagadi Wildlife conservation
Option 11 / Opsie 11:

** ONLY ON WEDNESDAY **  Reflection on the past and current Game Industry Trends - cyclic or not? - Five-year economic turnaround plan - New developments on the Buffalo VPN - Mr Reuben Saayman: Director at Buffalo Owner Advisory Committee


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